Kidney John Comic Collab

2010-09-19 05:57:03 by KidneyJohn

Hey Hey!

So I'm hosting a collab based on the comics I make. It would be rad if you could join. 98842

That's all.


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2010-09-19 06:25:05

Youre comics are freakin awesome.


2010-09-19 10:27:28

You have the best comics.


2011-01-15 04:58:22

Hey I like your work. I was wondering if you have a website where you post most of your comics.

KidneyJohn responds:


2011-01-23 04:59:15

Dude ive just found your comics an they are fucking hilarious :D,
keep up the awesome work!!


2011-02-28 19:37:44

Love your comics. I have my own comics, but they aren't really suited for the art portal. would you mind checking them out at ?


2011-04-21 17:19:47

looking forward to the collab, hope my submission gets in there (sorry about not doing the other one)

KidneyJohn responds:

The collab is most likely not going to happen (you are the only person who submitted something)