Prickly Bum Collab

2015-09-02 21:06:25 by KidneyJohn

About a month ago I started a collaboration called the Prickly Bum Collab.

It started out as a 6 second audio clip and each artist animated their interpritation of it.

Give it a watch, you might ebjoy it.


Join my collab why not?

2015-07-27 03:07:01 by KidneyJohn

Hi all,

I'm making collab. 

It's about homeless people sitting on cacti.

Funny stuff right?

It would be awesome if you could do a part for it.

More info in the link below.

<a href=""></a>



Kidney John Comic Collab

2010-09-19 05:57:03 by KidneyJohn

Hey Hey!

So I'm hosting a collab based on the comics I make. It would be rad if you could join. 98842

That's all.

2008-12-14 21:12:37 by KidneyJohn


Thanks to all.

2008-03-30 07:41:45 by KidneyJohn

I'd just like to thank everyone who voted and reviewed. My latest animation 'Hand Job'.

It's so awesome that so many people saw I and enjoyed it. And the feedback has been really helpful for what I need to improve on.

Still throwing round ideas for a sequel, nothing concrete yet though.

I did on the other hand (no pun intended) decide on another style for my next animation. I'm not going to give much away now, but it will be awesome if I can get it to work.

Thanks again.


2007-09-29 00:42:58 by KidneyJohn

Halloween is right round the corner. A new cartoon from me should be ready just in time.